Contemporary Classics Inc.

Building Design and Construction

Specializing in Custom Buildings and Trim

Our Services

New Construction:

From design, site work, foundations, framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, to finish and painting, we handle your project for you from start to finish.


We love a good challenge. If we are not custom-making trim to match an old profile, we are jacking up old structures to add a new foundation, finishing off dark basements, rehabbing buildings with fire or water damage, or adding space to an existing structure. The challenge of taking a tough project from concept to finished product gives us great satisfaction.

Team Approach:

We have assembled some of the best sub-contractors in their fields, and they have all worked with us for more than a decade. The consistency, quality, and efficiency of a great team far exceed the approach of squeezing every penny out of workers and the consequences that come with it. When we give a price, this quality and reliability stands behind our quote.